October Calendar Freebie

Oct 1, 2021

Hi friends!

The Problem

It’s the 1st of October today and I’ve been trying to get organized all week. I have a lovely diary/planner that I designed and bound myself last year, but I don’t have seem to have enough space to plan what I need in it so I have papers and notes lying around everywhere. This is how we learn though and the one I’m planning to make myself for next year will hopefully work much better.

Finding a solution

This morning I decided to just create something simple that I could print out and keep in a folder next to me so I can easily scribble in it. As I was designing this very simple planner for October it occurred to me that someone else might want to try this too, at least for the rest of the year. I also sometimes use GoodNotes for note taking and planning, so decided to hyperlink the pdf so anyone (including myself) can use the planner on GoodNotes if they like.

The Solution

The planner is really simple with a front page, a calendar page, a goals page and then one page per day for the month. If you use the planner on Goodnotes you can click on a day on the calendar page and this will take you to that particular day’s page. When you click on the little calendar icon at the bottom right of the page, it takes you right back to the calendar page.

I’ll be using a combination of the two for now (because I like to over complicate things). I’ve placed the calendar in my binder with the full calendar page on the left so I can move it with each day. That way I’ll have an overview of the month on the left and the day’s things on the right.

Here’s a short video where I show you what the planner looks like when printed out and how I’m using it in my binder as well as how to import the file into GoodNotes and use it there.

To download this calendar just sign up below and you will be taken straight to a page to download the calendar/planner. I hope this is helpful to you.

Till next time friends, happy creating!

PS. Feel free to share this post if you found it helpful, it helps me a lot, thanks.

Riëtte Cawthorn

Hello, I'm Riëtte, a quiet creative with odd ideas - wife to Alvin, mommy to three awesome kids and blessed child of God. I enjoy illustration, surface pattern design, lettering and calligraphy, paper crafts and crochet. Creating art and showing others how to do the things that I love makes me really happy.

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