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Meet the Creative – An Introduction

For the longest time I’ve had this idea to create something called “Meet the Creative”, a space where I get to chat to people about what they do, why they do, share some of who they are and get to know them a bit beyond just what they do. I thought I should first build my following, have everything figured out, have all the best tools, that it needs to be like a video chat for YouTube or a podcast, but I realised it can be whatever I want and am able to do. 

So I decided to stop thinking about it and just start, I will figure it out as I go. I would like a way to get to know people as well as support them by sharing their work and their purpose with others, so I am going to create a category on my own website where I write a blog post, interview style, about each person that I feature. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether you’re an artist, author, reader, or anything else, I would love to get to know you and introduce you and your awesomeness to the world. 

I don’t have a big following on my website, creative page or my book page, but I do love getting to know and supporting people and I would love it if you would like to join me and embark on this adventure with me.

I created a sign up page and form and will add more information as I figure things out – if you would like to be featured, first, thank you so much for trusting me with your story, second, go ahead and fill in the short form to let me know that you are interested and I will be in touch, And if you know of someone that should be featured please send them the link as well.

Thank you for being here and for all your support, I am so excited to get to know each of you better.


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Welcome to my website! I’m Riëtte, wife, mom, quiet creative and ARC reader. I make digital tools and templates for creatives and content creators and I read… a lot…

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