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Hello, I'm Riëtte

Who am I?

Wife, Mom, Illustrator, Designer, Student, Teacher.

Married to my best friend Alvin and mommy of three beautiful kids – Katelyn, Jordan and Zoey. I homeschool my  children and clean my house. I’m building a business doing what I love. I dream about renovating a bus and living in it with my family while we travel through the country (and one day the world).

This is me – fearfully and wonderfully made…

My mission

Inspire, Equip, Encourage.

I’m on a mission to use my gifts and talents to build a business that I love and to inspire, equip and encourage others to do the same. I love to learn and figure things out, I love to draw, illustrate and to design patterns and sometimes logos and websites, I love to teach and help people with things they struggle with. I share my knowledge, experience and creations to spread beauty, love and joy.


Teach, Write, Create, Design.

I teach, write, create and design blog posts, articles, courses, illustrations, patterns, design resources, branding tutorials, web design tutorials, illustration and surface pattern design tutorials and so much more.