26 Words in Basic Strokes – Word 5 – encourage

Hello! Welcome back to 26 Words in Basic Strokes. In order to make sure we all practice our basic strokes and understand how they connect to create words I’m breaking one word a day into its basic strokes for 26 days. Today is word 5 – “encourage”.

Remember we are keeping it simple, no flourishing or bouncing, just the basic modern calligraphy strokes. You can use a pencil or any brush pen and paper you have to follow along.

If you need a refresher on what the basic strokes are and how to do them, I break them down in this video. Are you ready? Let’s break down the word “encourage”.


Hello and welcome. I’m Riëtte and I’m walking you through breaking down 26 words into their basic strokes. No flourishing, no bouncing, we’re keeping it simple. Just the basic modern calligraphy strokes. Need me to show you the basic strokes again? I do that in the introduction video of this series. Let’s move on to today’s word, encourage.

We start with an upstroke that doesn’t reach the x-height.

Our next stroke is a combination of the e-stroke and an overturn stroke.

Next you have a compound curve. The last stroke stops before you reach the x-height.

Then there’s a c-stroke. Again your exit stroke stops before it reaches the x-height.

An oval.

Then a connector dot and underturn stroke combination.

An underturn stroke.

A connector dot for the r.

An underturn stroke that starts where the connector dot ended.

Another oval.

An underturn stroke that doesn’t quite reach the x-height.

Another oval.

A descending stroke.

An upstroke that stops a little bit before the x-height.

And finally an e-stroke.

Let’s connect them.


E-stroke and overturn stroke stroke combination.

Compound curve.

A c-stroke.

An oval.

A connector dot and underturn stroke combination.

Underturn stroke.

Connector dot.

Underturn stroke.


Underturn stroke.


Descending stroke.



And that’s the word encourage.

26 words in basic strokes word 5 encourage

I would love to see your strokes and words. Tag me on Instagram using #26wordsinbasicstrokes. I’ll be back tomorrow
with the next word.


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  2. Word 1 – amazing
  3. Word 2 – beautiful
  4. Word 3 – courageous
  5. Word 4 – daring

Happy Creating!

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