26 Words in Basic Strokes – word 19 – sensitive

It’s time for 26 Words in Basic Strokes again, word number 19 today – sensitive. 26 Words in Basic Strokes is a video series where I break down one word a day (for 26 days) into its basic calligraphy strokes. I’m keeping it very simple, no flourishes or bouncing, just the basic calligraphy strokes. You can use any brush pen or a soft pencil to follow along (I love practicing with pencil by the way). Grab your tools and practice with me. If you need an overview of the basic strokes, I break them down in the introduction video of this series.

Click on the video below to watch or keep scrolling if you prefer reading and still images.

26 Words in Basic STrokes – Word 19 – sensitive

Hello and welcome back to 26 Words in Basic Strokes.I’m Riëtte and I’m breaking down one word a day for 26 days into the basic calligraphy strokes. We’re keeping it simple, no flourishes and no bouncing. If you need an overview of the basic strokes I break them down in the introduction video of this series. Today we are doing word number 19, sensitive.

We’ll start with an upstroke.

Move on to an s-stroke.

Next we have another upstroke, but this one doesn’t quite reach the x-height.

Now we have a combination of an e-stroke and an overturn stroke. So the e-stroke goes into the overturn stroke.

Next we have a compound curve.

Another s-stroke.

Another upstroke.

An underturn stroke.

A t-stroke.

Next we have a reverse or upside down compound curve where we start with a thick downstroke into a thin upstroke back into a thick downstroke and we’re adding an extra upstroke. So it goes thick down, thin up, thick down, thin up.

A connector dot.

And an e-stroke.

Now let’s connect them.




E-stroke and overturn stroke combination.

Compound curve.



Underturn stroke.


Upside down or reverse compound curve with an extra upstroke.

Connector dot.

And e-stroke.

And remember to cross your “t” and dot the two “i’s”.

And that’s the word “sensitive”.

26 words in basic strokes word 19 sensitive

I would love to see your practice. Tag me on Instagram using #26wordsinbasicstrokes. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you tomorrow for word number 20.


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  2. Word 1 – amazing
  3. Word 2 – beautiful
  4. Word 3 – courageous
  5. Word 4 – daring
  6. Word 5 – encourage
  7. Word 6 – faithful
  8. Word 7 – gracious
  9. Word 8 – happy
  10. Word 9 – inspire
  11. Word 10 – journey
  12. Word 11 – kindness
  13. Word 12 – lovely
  14. Word 13 – miracle
  15. Word 14 – nature
  16. Word 15 – original
  17. Word 16 – promise
  18. Word 17 – quiet
  19. Word 18 – remember

Happy Creating!

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