26 Words in Basic Strokes – word 17 – quiet

It’s time for word number 17 in the 26 Words in Basic Strokes series. Today’s word is “quiet”. Grab your pens/pencils and paper and practice with me.

Click play on the video below to watch or scroll down if you prefer reading and still images.

26 Words in Basic Strokes – word 17 – quiet

Hello and welcome back to 26 Words in Basic Strokes. I’m Riëtte and I’m breaking down one word a day for 26 days into the basic calligraphy strokes. We’re keeping it simple, no flourishes, no bouncing. If you need an overview of the basic strokes I break them down in the introduction video of this series. Today we are breaking down word number 17, quiet.

You start with an upstroke that doesn’t quite reach the x-height.

26 words in basic strokes word 1 quiet

Next you have an oval.

Then you have a reverse descending stroke.

An upstroke.

An underturn stroke.

An underturn stroke.

Another underturn stroke – the exit stroke doesn’t quite reach the x-height.

An e-stroke.

And a t-stroke.

Now let’s put them together.



Reverse descending stroke.


Underturn stroke.

Underturn stroke.

Underturn stroke.


And t-stroke.

And remember to cross your “t” and dot your “i”.

That’s the word quiet.

I would love to see your practice. Tag me on Instagram using #26wordsinbasicstrokes. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you tomorrow with word number 18.


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Happy Creating!

Riëtte Cawthorn

Hello, I'm Riëtte, a quiet creative with odd ideas - wife to Alvin, mommy to three awesome kids and blessed child of God. I enjoy illustration, surface pattern design, lettering and calligraphy, paper crafts and crochet. Creating art and showing others how to do the things that I love makes me really happy.

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